America First Retirement Plan

Carlos Cortez Jr.


Carlos Cortez Jr. completed his Series 7 in 2007, and Series 66 in 2008, and opened his own investment firm, specializing as an independent fiduciary in risk-mitigated retirement investments. Offering many educational podcasts and webinars, Carlos Cortez holds much experience at working hand-in-hand with you to help individuals to reach their retirement goals.

What if we could tell you that your retirement investment can have healthy returns, and keep the principal while investing in American Companies?*

That’s the concept behind America First Retirement Planning.

Our goal at America First Retirement Plan is to help our clients build, protect and distribute their wealth in a risk-conscious and tax-exempt manner. We believe in a high-communication approach using cost-efficient investment options combined with asset placement that considers future tax implications.

What makes us different? Whereas some advisors’ primary concern is growing your assets, we also plan for the dips, the deductions, and the distributions that matter long-term. Your retirement income is greatly affected by the tax rate that applies when you begin taking money out of your accounts. Along the way, you should be working with an advisor who communicates important information about your account in real-time, not just performance in arrears.


  • Independent Advisor

    We don't work for a specific investment group or bank. We'll give you unbiased advice, period.

  • We're Risk Averse

    We want your money to grow, but we want it to be safe too. We're experts at investment vehicles that insure your principal and still provide solid returns.

  • Retirement Specialists

    We specialize in retirement investments. It's our bread and butter.

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